The Huffington Post recently published an article on the Road to Hana.  They mention many of the sites and show photos along the Pipiwai Trail:

Road trips are virtually non-existent in Hawaii. There are no exciting state lines to cross and you’d never be able to complete a successful round of the license plate game. Nonetheless, we’re convinced that we’ve found a Hawaii drive that packs all of the best things about road-tripping into fewer than 65 miles.

Maui’s Hana Highway, also called the Road to Hana, is a winding, coastal road with jaw-dropping vistas, miles upon miles of lush rainforest and magnificent waterfalls around almost every turn. The simultaneous mountain and sea views of Maui’s North Shore will keep your eyes delightfully occupied.

Photo credit: Ron Dahlquist

Photo credit: Ron Dahlquist

Though the drive can be completed in a single day, the more time you have, the better. If you can, get an early start to beat the rush — the extra time will allow spontaneity throughout the day. And believe us, spontaneity is exactly what you’ll want when an idyllic waterfall or locally run shave ice stand calls your name from the side of the road.

Beginning in Kahului, the route snakes along the coast around treacherous cliffs and over some 59 bridges, many of them just one lane. If you’re prone to motion sickness, be sure to medicate before you leave, because some of the meandering highway’s tighter curves can shake even the strongest of stomachs.

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Waterfalls on the Hana Highway are basically the equivalent of Starbucks in Manhattan — there’s one on every corner, it seems. While every waterfall is beautiful in its own right, Twin Falls and Wailua Falls are favorites. Pack a swimsuit and prepare for the most refreshing dip of your life.

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