Pipiwai Trail is a beautiful trail located on the backside (South-East Side) of Haleakalā National Park, which is a United States national park located on the island of Maui in the state of Hawaiʻi.  Haleakalā National Park gets its name from Haleakalā Volcano which has been dormant for over 400 years.  The Pipiwai trail is a well maintained trial that leads to Makahiku Falls and Waimoku Falls.  The 4-mile round trip trail can be challenging at times due to its sometimes steep terrain.  It’s well worth the trip as many people consider it the best hike on the island.   The trail winds around a freshwater stream (Ohe’o Gulch Stream) with very beautiful and diverse scenery throughout.

Here are just some of the amazing views you’ll see along the 4-mile round trip Pipiwai Trail:

makahiku falls along the pipiwai trail

Makahiku Falls

Waimoku-Falls along the Pipiwai Trail

Waimoku Falls

Pipiwai Trail

Trail through the bamboo forest

pipiwai trail

Entering the Bamboo Forest

Banyan Tree (Credit: Lisa Bettany)

Banyan Tree near Makahiku Falls (Credit: Lisa Bettany)